Meet the Fifteen Companies pitching at the Arctic15

    With Arctic15: Exit Path just around the corner, we’ve crunched the numbers on the competition that gives the Arctic15 its name. To be clear, we’re talking about the “15” part of the Arctic15, but “exit path” might be just as apt for these companies, as by judging by our past competitions our readers either have the luck or skill of picking some good ones. Each year at the Arctic15, we take votes on what are the region’s fifteen best up-and-coming startups and put them up on stage, counting today’s “big ones” like Pipedrive, Kiosked, The Eye Tribe, and Ovelin.

    Originally we got over 200 companies submitting applications to us, which we culled down to 30 startups for the sake of making voting easier. During our two-week long voting period, we got in over 3000 votes, which we think is an awesome sense of how much attention our region’s startups are getting.

    Without further ado, here are the 15 companies we’ll see up on stage at the Arctic15:

    Ekin Labs

    Instead of digging into the companies now, we’ll let them tell their own story up on stage.

    It should be noted these aren’t the only companies we’ll see up on stage making noise. Additionally we’ll have five companies launching their products at Arctic15, which we’re giving some stage time for them to talk about their product launch, plus dozens of demo stands.

    Feel like you’re missing out on the action? Grab tickets today to come to the Arctic15! We’ve got the right mix of Europe’s investors, corporations, and entrepreneurs mixed together in two days of talks and power networking.

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