Terry and Joe are two of the latest digital entrepreneurs hailing from Britain who have revolutionized online commerce as we know it with their start-up Cozy.co.uk, now the pair are hoping to revive businesses struck by constant lockdowns and political turmoil by opening the technology which helped them create the hugely successful Cozy brand.

Imagine a world where opening a shop is so easy you couldn’t believe it wasn’t done before. That’s the pairs aim, to provide a solution where opening an online shop to sell your goods, or services takes less than 5 minutes – democratizing the whole sector of e-commerce.

One of the co-founders, Terry, stated: “Opening your online shop should be the easy part, not the hard part. Who wants to spend countless hours or even days figuring out how to properly setup an online shop? We’ve seen the issue arising again and again when we were speaking to our key suppliers who wanted to sell on Cozy.co.uk and also their own websites, they had to heavily rely on heavy and bloated cloud based tools if they wanted to setup their own shop, which offered more than most people use. It was bloated, and unnecessary. This is where we realized our competitors forget two key things, simplicity and ease of use, which, when not taken into account, eliminate access to e-commerce to more than 86% of British population. Most importantly our costs are lower than our competitors, so we aim to beat them at every point.”

The pair have created OnlineShop.co.uk which allows anyone to register, add their product categories and products and begin trading online – it’s that easy, and takes less than 5 minutes.

“We really wanted to analyse and dissect the DNA of online shopping – both me and Terry became experts at e-commerce and knew the building blocks needed to create a successful brand. However most entrepreneurs or even businesses do not have the time nor the monetary incentive to invest into opening their own shop online, no matter how appealing the prospect may be. Most solutions out there require too much investment of time and money to even have something started – we’ve analysed our competitors, and saw that to create a beautifully crafted shop you’d need an actual developer, a designer and more, something these competitors claimed to have solved.” Stated Joe, co-founder.

OnlineShop.co.uk aims to do what Stripe did for online payment processing, Square for physical payment processing, Facebook for social networking, YouTube for video broadcasting and Google for searching billions of queries within seconds.

“We spent weeks analyzing user behaviors, what they use and what they don’t use – and what an average user actually needs and doesn’t need. We used our previous knowledge and our expertise to create a solution that is so easy to use, even a 5-year-old could do it. The clunky and unnecessary tools you get with other solutions were making problems in on themselves. We solved it by removing everything that is not necessary. And if you want something extra, we can offer a tailored boutique service.” Sam Watola, Creative Director of Online Shop.

The company even drafted in a PhD, Dr. Torin Cannings who provided the much needed research in developing a complete solution based on analysis of hundreds of thousands of data clusters gathered through months of research; “Both Terry and Joe approached me, and I couldn’t turn down such an opportunity. I’ve known friends who used the likes of Online Shop competitors and had such headaches, we’ve analyzed the data gathered from Cozy and several other e-commerce solutions to identify what was important to users, what worked and what didn’t work. Most importantly, with COVID, it opens a door to many those struck with unfortunate news of job losses and closures of their business, giving the ability for anyone to open up shop, easily.” Stated Dr. Cannings.

It appears the British legacy of revolutionary inventions and solutions still holds true and is being continued by the likes of the pair who venture into the unknown to find solutions and set a path for others to follow for decades to come.

OnlineShop.co.uk is currently focusing only on Britain with worldwide expansion soon to follow.

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