Meet Henrik Berggren, Founder & CEO Of Readmill

    Our conference, the Arctic15, is just around the corner, and we have a great lineup of guests we want to tell you (brag) about. You can find the whole list of speakers on the Arctic15 website, but first up we have a little interview with Henrik Berggren, the Founder and CEO of Readmill.

    Berggren relocated from Sweden to Berlin to build Readmill, a social platform for readers. Readmill was built to provide a beautifully designed reading experience for the iPad, and its strenghts include its social features that allow readers to share passages and whole books. Readmill works with ebooks in DRM-free, ePub format.

    AS: If any of our readers haven’t heard of Readmill, why should they check it out?

    Berggren: Because it’s the best way to read ebooks. Readmill makes it more fun and engaging to read since you can share progress, highlights and thoughts with friends.

    AS: What made you want to tackle books as a social object?

    Berggren: It seemed like a fun and challenging task. And also because books deserve a platform on the web. We have it for photos, video, sound, music why not for books?

    AS: What has been the biggest hurdle Readmill has had to overcome?

    Berggren: I think we are still to conquer some huge challenges but building a reading experience which is social without alienating readers is something we’re really proud of. Seeing users engaging with it on a daily basis is a fantastic reward.

    AS: Can you give us a teaser to what you’ll talk about at the Arctic15?

    Berggren: Sure! I’ll cover some learnings building a service for readers, a few insights into the world of publishing and why highlights is the best way of discovering your next read.

    We hope you’ll join us October 17 and 18th in Helsinki for the Arctic15!

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