Meet Four Swedish Startups In London Today

    Anders Fredriksson of Tablefinder fame has organized a trip to London with some Swedish startups that are today presenting at minibar, London.

    The Swedish startups are looking to share expertise, learn from London startups, and meet great contacts. The startups in London are:
 – An ad server for video – they help companies monetize online video. – Online video editing – named best entertainment website in Sweden 2007 – Live broadcasting from mobile phones and webcams – recently received venture backing by a Norwegian firm. (The best bit is that you can get a link send to your Jaiku and Twitter account when you are broadcasting so your friend can go see what you’re up to) – Instant picture messenger – early startup that just launched their service.

    I personally instantly fell in love with Bambuser and Jaycut. I already tried Bambuser and it appear to work nicely, although there is a quite a time lag between the time you record it and when the link appear on your Jaiku or Twitter feed to notify your friend.

    If you’d like to meet them Anders told me that he’d be happy to meet up. Contact Anders via Twitter (here) with invitations or meet them at the Minibar London at 6pm if you’re already planning on going.