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Mediatonic, a new Finnish based fund, has invested into Nitro Games. Nitro Games is a Finnish gaming house that has created games such as Raven’s Cry and East India Company. The games fall into the strategy genre and made for the PC. The investment size was not disclosed. Mediatonic won’t become a share holder of the company as it invests into the revenue share of future income thus making it an attractive investor for entrepreneurs.

Back in march we wrote about Mediatonic putting together a 5 million euro fund and this investment into Nitro Games is now a second investment from that fund. The first one was a 400 000€ investment into Recoil Games.

This investment will go into developing a series of long-life games around trading and warfare. The games will be published through an international distributor.

-With it’s two previous titles in the series Nitro Games has already proven that they know how to pull off naval battles & trading in distant countries and also that they are a reliable partner when it comes to finishing projects in time, says Marko Tulonen, CEO of Mediatonic Fund.

While the sum was not disclosed, the previous investment of 400 000 euros gives some direction to it. Large investments from only a 5 million euro fund, but then again – no one ever achieved anything without risk.