Mediatonic, the “revenue based investor” from Finland, has made a 300 000 euro investment into Housemarque’s upcoming game. Mediatonic invests in a project oriented way, meaning they do not take any equity from the company, but only invest in the hope of retaining a share of the future revenues against the investment.

Housemarque is perhaps one of the oldest game developers in Finland. I remember bumping into the company logo already back in the early 90s during the days of the trusted Commodore Amiga 500. Despite being around for a long time, the company hasn’t brought up its own games to the market all that much. This will change with the upcoming game though.

The new game Housemarque will be developing is a family game of skill and wits. The game will be released at first through digital download channels for the Playstation 3 as well as the PC. The concept has been in development for quite some time and it will be published in 2011.

With the development and publishing of its own game, Housemarque will take a step towards a more complete control of the distribution channels as well. According to Ilari Kuittinen, the CEO, the company has built strong relationships in the game industry throughout the years and now it is time to put those relationships into use.

According to public databases, Housemarque’s turnover last year was about 1.2 million euros and they employ around 20 people.