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Media Giants Reaching Out To Startups at Reverse Pitching 3.0: Yle, Aller, Alma, DNA & Helen.

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Here we go again Helsinki. We have got together an amazing list of media related corporations that are ready to open their doors and to reach out to startups. You will have a chance to learn how they plan to work with you, what their current problems and challenges are, if they are looking to buy companies or perhaps give access for pilots & APIs. Their hearts will be open to startups on April 17th, in the Helsinki Yrityslinna. To participate, sign up here and act fast. Last time around we had over 200 people in the house with just 130 seats. The event is free to attend and we will have plenty of refreshments for you to enjoy.

Reverse Pitching third edition is an event for startups who work are interested in the media space. Which is probably a large portion of the startup world, as many of these corporations can use your products and services.

Coming from the media angle ourselves, the last decade has been extremely challenging for the industry. We have been experimenting with monetization, scaling and new forms of media. The digitalisation and new social media players have been disrupting the paper based businesses and many new formats forced existing players to re-think their strategies. Some have survived but some have taken it hard.

Now Aller, Alma Media, DNA and YLE with energy company Helen are willing to say: we need the startup energy and we can do great things by working and innovating together. During the event, there will be something for everyone:

Aller is launching an API for startups to create great services for Suomi24, the biggest online community in Finland.

Alma Media and DNA are looking for startup stars to help them with digital advertising, smart living room, e-commerce analytics and customer care as well as all kinds of solutions for news media through their Star-Tap program managed by Koppicatch.

YLE has a wide focus. They want startups to help them with web optimisation, analytics, API’s, personalisation, content discovery, content formats and big data, to name a few.

Helen will show how a media approach can help the energy business.

Can you help these giants? Do you have what it takes to boost the big one’s businesses in these sectors? If the answer is yes, register now. Last time the house was overbooked. So be fast, sign up below and check out the website here.

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