Media business growth is accelerated in Ultrahack

Media business has been struggling with digitalization and with the new business models for several years. Now this is about to change.

By Reijo Paajanen, Digital Media Finland

The big picture is that there is more and more media around us. We are daily spending plenty of time with digital media which flows from different channels. Most of the work requires data and information and the outcome of the work is some sort of new information – that is content or media. And the results need to be presented well. Media skills and capabilities are needed everywhere. New growth opportunities for these capabilities are popping up everywhere.

At the same time, successful media companies have already started to grow again. They have learned the key issues and new roles in digital media business and the positive development is accelerating.

In addition to this AT&T is opening a completely new business trend with the Time Warner acquisition. Media needs to be close to customers and intelligent combination of networks and media distribution will create new value added and improve productivity.

And more is coming. New technologies like virtual or augmented realities create new media business opportunities. IoT opens the road towards ubimedia and artificial intelligence opportunities are almost limitless.

The conclusion is that now it is the right time for fruitful merger of media and software competencies to create new business initiatives. Therefore, Digital Media Finland is hosting the Media Track in Ultrahack 2016. Growth requires actions.

Currently, there are four open media challenges waiting for innovative solutions which will be competing for the main Ultrahack prizes (more than 1 million euro investments plus other prizes) and additional media prizes. The amount of the Media Track listed prizes is over 200 k€.

All the needed information and related contacts are available on Ultrahack’s pages, where media  challenges are presented here:

Media is the new growth business. It is time to join this creation of new success stories. Best stories are made now in fast cooperation!