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Me-Mover Moves You

Picture 2Bringing you the latest in cleantech, we look today to Denmark, where in less than three weeks the United Nations Climate Change Conference aka “Hopenhagen” will start. But instead of letting our incompetent politicians decide about our future, lets take matters into our own hands – or in this case, feet. Cloudbikes hails from Valby in Denmark, a mere 55 km from Copenhagen, and aims to eliminate the daily need for a car and making our lives more safe, comfortable and sustainable.

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I can already hear your brain crunching and computing “It does what? I need to do something?” Yes, instead of leaning back and hoping that renewable energies, nano technology, electric cars and enzymes are going to fix the climate we can take the matter into our own feet and propel ourselves to work, the supermarket, the public sauna and home. Back in the day you would have done this with a bicycle, but the year is 2009 and bicycles are so yesterday. In 2009 the modern citizen uses the Me-Mover to transport himselves from A to Z and anywhere between.

Imagine the Me-Mover as a three wheeled scooter which lets you move at bicycle speeds through the urban jungle, protectingPicture 4 you with a Vespa like windshield from the forces of nature, also know as rain, slush, snow and wind. You propel yourself forward with the power of your own leg, like you used to do as you were a child, just that you know can look credible and cool while you relive those memories. Me-Mover describes the driving feeling as a combination of skiing and biking and your able to lean into curves and maintain your speed. Fold the Me-Mover together when you arrive at the office and take it inside, and learn not to worry about getting your Me-Mover stolen.

In case your now excited and ready to get a Me-Mover, you can start to contact the team of Cloudbikes, which is CEO Jonas Eliasson, Chairman of the Board Kim Graven Nielsen and Board members Bo Bache and Pernille Weiss Terkildsen. Alternatively you can just subscribe to their newsletter which lets you know when and from where the Me-Mover will be available and other news about the company.

My quick caps review: Good idea, but will it succeed? We got bikes and scooters already, and I am not sure if the market is there for another innovation. I haven’t yet seen any real photos of the Me-Mover, so depending on the design, distribution and promotion it may fly and Cloudbikes could grab a slice of the USD 70 Bn market that are human-powered transporters. What I am uncertain about is how they want to convert car and bicycle drivers to Me-Movers. I reckon those people who think about these issues already use the bike or public transportation to move from A to B, and why would they now switch to the Me-Mover? Given that it is lightweight, foldable and offers protection against the elements they might be convinced, but that still leaves the car drivers to convert. And that certainly ain’t an easy task.

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