Masha Feigelman becomes the co-founder and deputy CEO of Cardo Health, Swedish digital health company

Cardo Health

Masha Feigelman is now a part of Stockholm-based company Cardo Health as co-founder and deputy CEO after providing services in startup and healthcare practices as a former partner at Mckinsey. She has been a supervisor for those in the digital health business, especially for startups and scaleups. She will be now helping the company achieve its goal to become the leading digital health company in emerging markets.

Healthcare heavyweight joins Cardo Health on its mission to improve the health of millions of people in emerging markets as co-founder and deputy CEO

Masha Feigelman is joining Cardo Health as co-founder and deputy CEO. She is a former partner at McKinsey (20+ years) where she built and scaled the European start-up and healthcare practises including setting up Russia’s McKinsey healthcare practice.  Throughout her career, Masha has supported the organizational transformation and built a new business, including service lines for McKinsey. Since leaving McKinsey in 2020 Masha has advised and coached multiple digital health start-ups and scaleups on strategic and organisational topics – from international expansion to OKR implementation.

Masha is passionate about the change that digital healthcare can bring to the emerging markets and the opportunity to leapfrog to higher healthcare standards at affordable costs helping millions of people who would not otherwise get access to high quality healthcare. Masha holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Brandeis University. She has dual UK/Russian citizenship and resides in London with her husband and two children.

About Cardo Health

Cardo Health is a digital health company with a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people in emerging markets. The company invests in and scale the best early stage digital health start-up in each of our markets. Bringing funding and a proven business concept, it leverages technology and extensive operational know-how to create local, leading digital health champions.

Cardo Health’s co-owned companies ViBe Saúde in Brazil and Kena Health in South Africa already provide high-quality, affordable care to one million registered users. Headquartered in Stockholm, Cardo Health is on an ambitious growth journey to become the leading digital health company in emerging markets.

The healthcare sector in emerging markets faces real challenges. With a high number of uninsured citizens and a dependency on public healthcare, there is an enormous, untapped potential to transform the health sector in these markets. It is characterized by limited accessibility, long waiting times and overall low quality. The digital health sector in emerging markets is growing twice as fast as the global market, and is expected to rise from 16 to 33 billion dollars by 2024. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated regulatory approvals as well as the consumption of digital health services, growing the opportunity further.

With a high dependency on public healthcare and unaffordable private insurances, many citizens in emerging markets do not have access to proper medical care. Digital solutions can help improve access to affordable and high-quality care, resulting in better patient experiences and reduced societal costs.

The company’s goal is to continue to grow through its co-owned companies, offering high-quality, affordable care in an additional nine countries with a total population of one billion people by the end of 2023.

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