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We’ve finally gotten our hands on the Kauppalehti Optio, which has an extensive interview with Marko Ahtisaari, the Executive VP of Design at Nokia. The article talks in detail about Ahtisaari’s past, but also discusses his work to a great extent. Earlier today Reuters came out with a story that Nokia is working on a tablet device, but that’s just half the story.

Regarding the tablet, Ahtisaari disclosed “we’re on it”. To the question if the date of launch is near, he only said that it will happen once the device is ready. This is change in Nokia’s communication and announcements that is closer to Apple. Apple only announces new devices once they are available for purchase (or available in a couple of weeks, like in the case of the new iPad).

“It is a breakthrough, but the work is hard as the industry is changing all the time”

But the second part of the story was that Nokia is also working on trying to take back superiority in how the devices are controlled. When touch devices became common, Nokia rushed into the race but many considered Apple to be the industry benchmark.

Ahtisaari talks in the Kauppalehti Optio article that he has a personal goal of getting people to lift their heads up from the devices.

“It is a breakthrough”, he commented in the article.

Again, on how far exactly the company is with the new method of controlling your phone he repeated “we’re on it”. He went to explain that “the work is hard as the industry is changing all the time”. However, he did disclose that speech does have a role in all this.

Image by Matt Biddulph.

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