Malmö’s startup house Minc launches Tech Lab

Malmö’s startup house Minc launched this week Tech Lab, tech offering aimed at supporting its startups and entrepreneurs, lowering the threshold and get more people into starting tech companies.

The Minc Tech Lab offers everything within a physical lab, where you can build and 3D print products, getting help and support from experienced tech coaches in 1-on-1’s, a wide range of partnership deals with service providers, and access to the Minc Tech Board of industry experts, it said in a statement

The goal with the Minc Tech Lab is to lower the threshold for those wanting to start a tech company, but also help existing companies in the Incubator program with their product build!” said Minc’s Kinga Broel-Plater.

“We especially welcome women, aspiring and diverse entrepreneurs, and startups to the Minc house to explore how our tech experts can help you realize your idea or help your startup,” said Broel-Plater, Head of Incubator programme at Minc

Minc has also started to host monthly Tech Talks for our incubator companies on various topics, which will also be available to the broader public who want to learn about technology. Sebastian Otarola kicked-off the tech offering with an interactive Tech Talk for the Minc startups, presenting Visual prototyping tools and teaching the entrepreneurs how to build things blazing fast without using a single line of code.

The Tech Lab has four tech-savvy specialist coaches on board — Vanja Tufvesson, Sebastian Otarola, Rickard Hansson, and Ulf Christiansson — who bring a wealth of experience ranging from building their own tech company, building tech products, doing IPO’s, rising VC capital, recruiting diverse teams, etc.

We can help with hardware and software prototypes, MVPs, how to specify verification grants from a technology perspective but also how they should structure recruitment processes to be more inclusive. Some of these points transcend what you traditionally would expect from “technologists/engineers” which, in my opinion, makes it such a fascinating offer to have under the Minc roof,” said Sebastian Otarola Silva, Technology Advisor at Minc.