Malmö To Host A Term Sheet Battle

    Here’s an event coming up for you startup folks around Malmö. Moll Wenden Attorneys, MINC, and Startup Bootcamp are putting together a ‘Term Sheet Battle’ March 1st from 17-20 at Moll Wenden Attorneys. What is a term sheet battle you might ask? It’s sort of a public debate where entrepreneurs can learn the tricks and nuances of the term sheet negotiation process by watching experienced entrepreneurs and investors go head to head live onstage. The event is held in English and you can sign up here.

    I think most first-time startup founders probably know very little about the negotiation process, or how to value some of the terms investors can throw at you, so It’s smart to put on an event like this to see a negotiation in action first. Also, it looks like they’ve got a few interesting names up on stage:

    Entrepreneurs: Hampus Jakobsson, angel, strategist and founder of TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) and Carl Silbersky, angel investor and former CEO of Polar Rose.

    Investors: Jimmy Fussing, Managing Partner of Sunstone

    Referee: Brad Furber , American lawyer with extensive experience from both sides of the table, and an experienced organizer of the Term Sheet Battles.

    Moderator: David Klose, lawyer and partner Moll Wenden Attorneys.

    Copenhagen apparently had a similar event last November, so I know I’m late to the game.  But regardless of how unique it is, it looks like a worthwhile evening for anyone looking for capital.