Finland will be having its parliamentary this April. Naturally, entrepreneurship and welfare are on the agenda, but one aspect of entrepreneurship that has been missing is the lobbying of growth entrepreneurship. On 21st of March, Aalto ES will be putting together an event together with a whole bunch of organisations to promote growth entrepreneurship for the candidates running for parliament. The event is controversially called Finland Post Welfare.

The event will take place in Helsinki, in Finlandia Hall. In the event, some of the most well known business people from Finland will be on stage in a panel discussion. The panelists include Jorma Ollila, Björn Wahlroos, Risto Siilasmaa, Petteri Koponen and Ville Miettinen. The event is free of charge, but registration to it is required.

This is simply great and something that should be done on a continuous basis. Growth entrepreneurship is extremely important to economies as it is one of the key sources of new jobs, but it is still undervalued as an area of the economy perhaps due to its small size compared to larger and more traditional industries.

We’re also supporting the event and will bring some sort of coverage from it during or right after it.

Image by Philocrites

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