Two Finnish Night Light Firms Tap Crowdfunding

    Two Finnish light firms are raising money from the crowd to boost takeoff of their character formed lights, the LeeLuus and the Moomins.

    LeeLuu started on Monday its pre-sales campaign for glowing stuffed animals, which activate by touch or a gentle tap. The product is aimed at children to keep them safe during the dark night.

    The LeeLuus are activated and turned off when hugged or held. The toy is durable and is designed for the rugged use of a child.

    The LeeLuu founders – all female – found out that not only their children were afraid of the dark, but in general 8 out of 10 children are, and (not surprisingly) it affects their sleep. The team has developed their own textile sensor that sense touch and pressure at the same time.

    Moomin Lamps To Cover The World

    SnowLight Oy, the company behind the Moomin Lamps, launched equity crowdfunding campaign last week and have attracted so far 6 investors, but the team is far from its ambitious 350,000 euro target.

    The Moomin lamps come in 3 different designs and sizes

    Paired up with renowned designer Harri Koskinen, they aim to bring the Moomin brand to light. The Moominlamps are a modern luxury lifestyle product and the new company plans to light up homes across the world.