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Danish Lumigon has unveiled their T1 mobile phone in a gala in Copenhagen last week. The phone uses the Android operating system bundled with Lumigon’s own P-GUI software to give an extra kick to the user experience. The availability of Android has created an attractive opportunity for companies such as Lumigon to go after added design value in mobile phones, when the OS has been taken care of.

“T1 is built on Scandinavian craftsmanship and design, coupled with the finest materials such as steel, aluminum and scratch-free glass. These uniquely designed phones are also packed with features not seen in mobile phones earlier”, states Lars Gravesen, CEO and founder. T1 relies on Bang&Olufsen’s technology for voice quality. It comes with a 480×800 resolution 3,5” TFT screen, based on the same technology as the Apple iPhone, the capacitive touch screen.

Lumigon states that T1’s one of the most innovative features is a universal remote control, which enables the phone to be used as a control for a variety of electrical appliances. You are able to teach the device different commands based on the device. We’re guessing this is one of the custom applications for the product created by Lumigon.

The company has some ambitious expectations for the product as it states the phone could literally replace notebooks in your home environment with an HDMI output to do your computer chores on a larger screen. Although it sounds attractive, I wouldn’t bet my money on this revolution just yet.

Lumigon’s T1 is expected to reach stores by the end of this year with larger shipments arriving during Q1. They’re also building another version of the product called the S1, which will come out Q3 of 2011. The availability of the Android operating system makes these kind of devices an interesting new product niche, but it remains to be seen how well a new comer can make a dent in the market with existing players dominating the game with their millions of euros worth of advertising budget.

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