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LoudEvents Is Matchmaking Service For Artists And Live Music Venues

LoudEvents is a matchmaking service. Don’t mistake it to be the same as boy finds girl, boy likes girl and they get connected eventually. The service comes as part of a startup – LoudRevolution – and its claim to fame is its ability to help artists find the best venues for their next performance and find a fellow artist to perform with in that venue.

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LoudEvents aim to change the traditional route any artist has to take when organizing the next big concert like spreading the word in time to ensure their performance creates ripples. It works quite simply:

  • Artists or bands register at LoudEvent
  • Complete their band’s profile
  • Select the location, time and artists or bands they will be performing with and the rest is taken care of by LoudEvents.

It won’t be wrong to say that the service acts as a band’s agent that helps them find the right place for the next big event. Venues can be booked and concerts can be promoted at one and the same place, making a shift from traditional methods like coordinating with venues via email or phone. As a result artists are free to concentrate on their performances and co-artists.

LoudEvents’ personalized approach to venue search and collaboration between artists, bands and venues makes the process of planning a gig go much smoother. A proof of that are over 350 artists in Finland that are currently using the service. LoudEvents are planning to launched in Sweden soon.

Following is a video introduction of LoudEvent (in Finnish):

LoudEvents Walkthrough Demo HD from LoudRevolution on Vimeo.

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