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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Loopcam Updates Social Features

This article has been edited because some mentioned features have not rolled out.
Here’s another startup I’ve heard about, but didn’t know it was connected to the region. Loopcam is an iPhone app that allows you to film your own GIF animations, and has its own built-in social network, somewhat like Instagram. It turns out that they are a team of Swedes based in Berlin, and today they announce they have updated their app.

Loopcam is stepping up their social features with “lol-buttons” that lets people declare their happiness for other people’s loops.
At first I thought a like button that just said “lol” on it was kind of ridiculous, but so are the gifs on Loopcam. There’s just something about a looping gif that make mundane moments kind of silly. Judging by the content on the full feed of Loopcam, this seems to be something girls in middle school have discovered and embraced.

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That being said, there is still plenty of serious content on Loopcam, where a short gif is easier and more consumable on a blog than loading a video.

Loopcam has just released new landing pages featuring Related Loops, following Youtube’s strategy of content exploration.

The company has also seen solid growth in the fashion industry, with fashion bloggers and brands such as Vogue Mexico, ChantaleNadeau, and others.

Loopcam has been financed through a six-figure funding round from Passion Capital, along with Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss from Soundcloud, Zoe Adamovicz (Xyologic, Concise Software), Heilemann Ventures (Dailydeal), Christophe Maire (Txtr), Felix Petersen (Amen) and Peter Read (Soundcloud).

Anyway, here’s a loop of me cranking out this article.

Loopcam can be found for free in the App Store.

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