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For the past 3 weeks or so we’ve been promoting Applifier and their recruiting needs. Applifier is one of the fastest growing Finnish companies and like many of its kinds, one of the hardest things to do to support the growth is to find the right people. We’ve come up with an interesting promotional product and we think it’s a good fit for companies looking to find the best people for their company.

The promotional product is built from three different elements. The first one is better visibility in our job board. Applifier has more than 10 jobs open and these jobs are promoted to the top of the job board.

Secondly, you most probably have come across this and if you haven’t yet – scroll to the bottom of this post. Part of the package is also visibility at the bottom of each article on ArcticStartup in very recognisable format. This can be linked to any page you want and in Applifier’s case, this is leading to their very cool landing page promoting the open positions.

Thirdly, we’re also throwing in some more traditional promotional elements – the 468×60 pixel banner, next to our logo at the top right. This is one of the more noticed banner positions as its visible immediately to everyone who comes to the website.

So how many people do we reach per month then to make this all worthwhile for you? In March we served over 50 000 visits on ArcticStartup with close to 100 000 pageviews. Northern Europe (Nordics and Baltics) are naturally representing most of the visitors, but we’re also very much followed in Silicon Valley and other large centers of startups, like London and Berlin.

If you’re interested in finding the best talent – do get in touch with us. Oh, and the best part is – there’s only one slot per month, so you’ll get all the traffic and visibility for yourself.

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