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LOGIN 2015 final pitches live: today at 17:00

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Editor’s note: this article previously missed Sorry as a Service, we have added it.

LOGIN2015 in Vilnius is escalating: check out the finalists! More than 30 startups have pitched in semi-finals yesterday. Only 9 were admitted to finals and will pitch today at 17:00. Most are also raising money – from €200,000 to $3 million. Watch the finals live here. Read more about 10 finalists below (in alphabetical order):

1. AtoID (Lithuania)

Ato ID has developed and patented a proprietary SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering) technology. They promise to bring repeatable and highly sensitive SERS substrates to an affordable price level. During semi-finals pitch yesterday the founder claimed to cut the price per sensor from €70 to €10. Raising €1.5 million.

2. BranchTrack (Latvia)

BranchTrack brings ease of use, gamification and smooth integration to sales and customer service staff training. They promise to dramatically improve the efficiency of staff training and are quoting positive feedback from real B2B  customers. Syndicating a seed round of €500,000.

3. CG Trader (Lithuania)

CG Trader is a marketplace for 3D graphic design. Backed by Practica Capital and Intel Capital, the company has ambitious growth plans. Raising a $3 million Series A.

4. Hello Hungry (Lithuania)

Hello Hungry is a liquid meal for office workers, created to replace unhealthy snacks. #LOGIN2015 jury tasted the drink and gave them a pass to the finals. Their recently launched campaign on Indiegogo is funded by 148 people and counting.

5. PinFishing (Lithuania)

PinFishing is taking on Ohio, the densest fishermen state in the US. For Nordic readers who know Fishbrain – a Swedish startup that has raised $2.6 million to date – PinFishing may sound crazy. However, they got into finals because they acknowledge the competition and explain it in one slide (below). Check livestream at 17:00 tonight to see it. Syndicating €200,000 for a €400 seed round.

6. Pipeline Pharma (Lithuania)

Pipeline Pharma is a marketplace for pharmaceutical industry, providing secure and credible search for business partners, suppliers and distributors. They claim that currently the search for partners happens physically at conferences of via general-purpose marketplaces like Alibaba and are stepping up to improve this. Raising a €400,000 seed round.

7. Plate Culture (Lithuania)

Place Culture offers social dining at local foodies’ houses. They are increasingly popular in Southeast Asia and have ambitions expansion plans. Plate Culture offers tourists taste local specialties and locals taste the world at immigrants’ houses.

8. Sorry as a Service (Estonia+Latvia+Norway)

Sorry as a Service is a customer retention solution providing personal apologies for customer complaints. After testing the service with Transfewise, it has proven not only to increase the retention but also to raise lifetime customer value. Raising a €500,000 seed round.

9. TutoTOONS

TutoTOONS is a drag and drop mobile game builder ‘for the rest of us’. The service lets anyone create a mobile game, even if you have zero programming knowledge. They have recently passed 10 million downloads for their games and are now at over 12 million. Game creators come from all over the world – from Ukraine to Argentina. TutoTOONS won SV2B in autumn and is raising a $1.5 million Series A. Listen to their pitch live today at 17:00.

Photo: Jury evaluating Hello Hungry product. Source: Startup Lithuania

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Marija Odineca
Marija Odineca
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