Lithuania’s FOROS, which is offering a green investment platform for forest management and investments, said it has closed forest deals worth 18 million euros in Lithuania and it seeks to expand its operations to Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

Globally close to 1 billion hectares of forest land is available for private investments. Within the last decade Global Timber & Forestry ETFs produced compelling returns, FOROS said in a statement.

The company offers forest owners the ability to track the value of their forest portfolio based on live market data and have specific information about their forests to get a better return on their investment.

FOROS is seeing a lot of growth in the forestry market. There’s keen interest from companies that want to offset their CO2 emissions, interest from the wood industry, and from rewilding funds. Private individuals also want to support sustainable forest management.

“We will provide crowdfunding solutions for small size investments in forests.”

Justas Kaveckas, FOROS CEO
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