Lithuanian Designer Launches Standing App For His Funky Table

    Perfecting sit-to-stand experience with an app?

    In 2014 Lukas Lukoševičius, UI/UX designer, spent a lot of time sitting in front of a computer at the office. His back started to hurt and his productivity seemed to decrease.

    “That was the time when I started my hunt for a suitable standing desk,” says Lukoševičius, the CEO of TableAir. However, options on the market looked boring and outdated to him. All of them were lacking either design, interactivity or technology.

    “So it was a no-brainer – I had to combine all of these verticals to create the best and most engaging sit-to-stand experience ever,” Lukoševičius said. That is how TableAir, a standing desk with beautiful design, was created.

    As it is scientifically proven that the healthiest way to work is by breaking up your sit-to-stand activity throughout the day, TableAir gives the ability to change table’s position easily. Even with a few taps of its newly released app. Unique electric motor technology makes the process smooth and silent.

    TableAir’s training iPhone app not only helps to develop ‘working while standing habit’ but also reminds users to follow their optimal sit-to-stand schedule.

    If you do not have TableAir, you can still use training app with any standing desk on the market (even if it’s a cardboard one or DIY version).

    If you want to buy this funky desk for yourself – be prepare to pay a king’s ransom, as prices start at 2,899 euros. But a high price did not stop Lukas to sell 100+ tables last year, which was done by direct sales and are building a network of dealers throughout the world.

    Nevertheless, if you want to get the full training experience through the app – that’s available free of charge.