Lissly Monitors How Users Talk About Your Brand On The Web

    Good insight into how people are talking about your brand or keywords can be invaluable when shaping a marketing campaign. A Swedish company, Lissly, has built a social media monitoring tool that can collect, find, and sort data on how the web is talking about your brand. The company is plugged into many sources of social content, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blog posts, and forum posts, which can help you figure out what you customers are saying wherever they are on the web.

    Lissly’s most basic feature is keyword and brand monitoring, although the startup allows users to participate in dialogue back with customers, measure results of campaigns and promotions, and analyze data from the past three years to help figure out trends. Lissly also offers an iPhone application that allows many of their features.

    The Lissly Corporate version runs at 2 990 SEK (€337) a month, which allows up to 20 users track 80 keywords. Their plans run down to the Basic version for 599 SEK (€67) a year, which provides one keyword with the option to buy two more.

    To get a feel for the service, you can go to the live demo of Lissly to see how the keywords of the political parties in Sweden have tracked around the web.