Links Saving Tool From Latvia

If you ever migrated your site to a new platform, making sure all old links lead to content and not 404 errors is tough. Latvian startup Capsulink promises to rid you of this pain once and for all.

The service lets you keep all links in capsules, so whenever any part of your link changes, all link versions still lead to the right page. This lets you keep page’s content intact without interrupting visitor traffic.

Capsulink users have capsulated 10,500 links so far and saved over 550,000 visitors from seeing 404 errors. They are also steadily growing their paid customer base.


“Our clients are mostly in marketing, startups, blogging, and e-commerce. Our client feedback is very positive, we’ve heard lots of praise for our broken link notification feature which lets you know when any of your links go down,” said Alexander Bickov, co-founder of Capsulink.

Personal Links Problem

Capsulink was born from a personal frustration. The team had to choose between well-featured but prohibitively expensive and reasonably priced but insufficiently customizable Unable to find a good solution, they built it. Capsulink promises a powerful mix of customization and reliability at a reasonable price.

“We make the lives of everyone working with web pages easier. Content creators, designers, and developers can create, share, and grow their work without interruptions and high price tags. Capsulink provides individuals with high-quality links, whether they are part of a multinational enterprise or a small startup company,” Bickov said.

Alexander works with two other startups: e-book reading application Fabula and social budgeting app inBudget. Let’s hope this doesn’t slow him down and works to his clients’ advantage.