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Linkedin could soon fact-check your resume

Linkedin aims to provide more reliable information on their platform.

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The professional social network Linkedin filled a patent regarding to a fact-checking tool, allowing the platform to cross-check the users’ information with other facts available on the Internet, says Le Figaro.

If you’ve ever inflated your resume on Linkedin, it might be time to correct it. The patent posted in April had been acquired and filled about a fact-checking system, that would catch inaccuracies and give the potential employers the correct information. Let’s say that you were the marketing manager of a company, and write on your profile that this company is ‘the leader of the sector’. If this information is inaccurate, Linkedin could correct it, just like an orthographic corrector would do.

According to a study from Kroll, one resume out of three include false information. Until now, the whole system relies on users’ honesty, so this tool could be a game-changer. All facts can’t be verified through this system, but the basic educational data like schools, diplomas or past working experiences could be easily checked based on the information available by cross-checking one’s social networks and online search engines.

Though the professional networking platform didn’t confirm yet that they will use this tool on their professional users, it might be a good time to update your resume.

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