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Nathan Bowers states quite a controversial statement in his post from last year: “Can you name a web startup that got better after it was acquired?”. He says he can’t and gives a few examples.

Feedburner: Google folded them into their own login scheme. Google added crummy ad options to feeds. Otherwise the product is stuck. Feels undead.

What they should be working on: improving the display of RSS feeds, making RSS feel more like a human connection between publisher and reader, fixing the fact that when you put an RSS button on your site it’s a dumb, non-stateful button (compare RSS buttons to Tumblr or Twitter follow functionality).

I have to say, personally, that in my opinion many of the acquisitions fail in the sense that they won’t enable the original founder to take his idea and execution further. I believe it’s this gap in the end result that may give many people the feel that acquisitions in general fail.

What do you think?

Link: Can you name a web startup that got better after it was acquired? (uxhero.com).

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