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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Linden Lab Acquires Avatars United

The company behind Second Life, Linden Lab, has just announced it has bought Avatars United, a Stockholm Sweden online community for avatars (see our previous story here and here).

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Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon tells that when they talk to the users who sign up but then decide not to stay, they say they left, in part, because they had a hard time finding people to hang out with. Either their friends weren’t there, or they have a hard time meeting new ones inworld, or sometimes both. Now Avatars United should fix this. I haven’t looked at Second Life in a while, but if its anything like it has been before, I think Linden Lab needs much more than just Avatars United to make it work.

Avatars United was run and owned by a Swedish company Enemy Unknown before the acquisition. The size of the acquisition was not disclosed.

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