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Liiqu Is Yammer For Sports

Management isn’t just about having to manage your team at work or offices, it is essential everywhere where groups are involved. We at ArcticStartup are always on the lookout for interesting startups from diverse categories, keeping the interest factor in mind. Today we bring Liiqu, a startup that helps team management, for sports.

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The startup helps you to effectively manage your sports team effectively. This offers an easy way to track statistics for the team and individuals as well as maintain effective communication amongst the teams. From where I see it, it is more of a tool for coaches of sports, be it football, ice hockey or footsal, to keep track of their team. Lets talk about the features separately and see what package Liiqu actually has:

Communicate: Liiqu offers you a one stop solution to communicate with players in the teams. You can follow individual players or the teams as whole and keep yourself updated on all the updates. Why this is helpful is simply for the fact that you don’t need to have your communication channels scattered across a dozen services. Liiqu brings all conversations on one platform.

Track: Liiqu takes care of all the statistics and calculations. All that you need to is enter match results and the rest is up to Liiqu.

Manage: With a dashboard available, which is easy to use and lets you define winning strategies and tactics. The roles, etc can be assigned as per players’ availability, meaning that you aren’t left with a game plan only to find one of your players not making it to the game.

I think the team at Liiqu has done a pretty nice job with putting up the interface. The dashboard is clean and doesn’t seem to be slapping too much on your face. You have the liberty to invite friends, create your own team, edit the team lineup as well as view all the upcoming and past events that your team is to be a part of.  Likewise you can add member information as well as the lineup for each team you own.

To summarize Liiqu, we think it brings all your sports conversation at one place, instead of publically sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. I mean you wouldn’t want to have your strategies out there in the open would you?

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