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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Liidit.fi introduces a market for sales leads

Leadshouse Oy Ltd has introduced a new community Liidit.fi specialized in sharing sales leads. The community is targeted to business leaders and B2B sales professionals.

The value proposition states that by feeding seemingly useless information into the community members can find many of the others’ tips as rather useful sales opportunities. Getting the leads for your own sales from the community thus should save time and money.

The trick is that each lead costs credits, which you can either earn by sharing tips of your own, or just by purchasing them bluntly with your credit card. The price for each lead will be recalculated over time depending on the number of times a lead is bought so the leads will get more expensive or cheaper compared to the default price set at the beginning. Popular leads will also yield bonus points for the presenter. The reliability and interestingness of each lead is measured allowing to rank users and thus improving trust in the community.

The idea is interesting indeed and the implementation draws from concepts used successfully by many others. Gaining critical mass might be difficult, though – you probably have to offer quite clear an impact on the bottom line to get executives and sales reps to put time into something like this. Top-class leads would really need to be available to draw attention and get it growing. Not having any specific target industry may make it harder to attract enthusiastic users as well, albeit the potential user base is bigger. Well, giving out a box of Cava for good leads is a start.

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