Lifepuzl keeps track of your child’s life

It seems easy these days to end up having your hands (or brain) full of stuff to remember. With piling deadlines, appointments and birthdays to remember, how does one keep up?

If staying organised with your family is on the top of your list, Sweden-based Lifepuzl believes they’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. The Lifepuzl app was build especially with kids and their parents in mind, although it goes without saying that anyone is welcome to use the app if it suits their needs. Essentially, if you’ve got children, Lifepuzl will be the place where you’d organise and manage the life of your kids. You do this by creating “Puzls”, which are basically private channels comprised of a calendar and a diary.

Now you might guess where this is going: members of the channel can mark important events into the calendar and write entries or upload images (although not videos) into the diary. This way the app works as a common calendar and as a simplified version social media (without “likes”, however) for your chosen few.

The app could come in handy for those who have several children, in which case a separate channel for each child can be created as in to prevent a single calendar from looking too messy. Additionally, since a “Puzl” is always private, the channels work nicely if the child has different parents, or if the parents are separated.

“When I separated from my then husband of course we still had to communicate around our daughter. It was hard making plans for the every day life with shared responsibility and biweekly accommodation”, says Maria Forsberg, CEO of Lifepuzl, explaining the circumstances under which she first felt the need to create her own application.

“When my daughter was sent to a friend’s birthday party one week too early I had to make something radical about the situation. I found no solution to my satisfaction on the Internet, so I started drawing with paper and pen a calendar and a diary that eventually became LifePuzl!”

With roughly 15 000 users, Lifepuzl has been increasingly gaining popularity among family orientated Swedes, and ex swede-pats. Lifepuzl takes a very simple approach in turning a messy family into something more organised, but perhaps the problem it’s trying to solve is in need of an Occam’s razor. The app is free to use, although the premium version comes with a perk: no ads.! Lifepuzl is currently available both in Swedish and English.