Lifelogging wearable Narrative raises $8 million

    Life tracking seems to be on the rise following this morning’s news that Beddit has brought their total funding to $8 million (€6.18 million). Now Stockholm and San Francisco-based Narrative Clip (formally Memoto
    ) announces it has raised $8 million in brand-new funding. The round was led by led by Khosla Ventures and followed by existing investors True Ventures andPassion Capital.

    Khosla looks like smart money for the company – the Meleno Park, California based investor has already put money into wearables like Jawbone and MisFit Wearables, the last of which Beddit has partnered with (to weave this web deeper than the $8 million number). Previously Narrative raised €2.2 million from True Ventures, and $500,000 from Passion capital around the time of their $550,000 grossing Kickstarter campaign.

    Growth has reportedly been good for the company. Their wearable device, which takes two pictures and GPS quardinates every minute for “lifelogging” has seen over 100 million pictures uploaded in just 8 months since the device’s launch. Currently they’re seeing 700,000 pictures uploaded daily.

    Dmitri Sarle, ArcticStartup’s CEO, has been an on and off user of Narrative, meaning I imagine he has plenty of pictures of his son growing up, and plenty of shots of his fingers typing away on his computer. Stories of Narrative’s use case can be found on their blog.

    With the funding Narrative is strengthening their San Francisco office, to which they are hiring. Narrative also has offices in Stockholm, Linköping, and Lund.