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I’m writing this from LeWeb, actually from the back of a mobile sauna the Travelling Salesman Crew brought in. It’s about the only place I could find a seat outside of the main hall to work a little. If you are in LeWeb, do pay the sauna a visit! Loïc and Geraldine have been able to pull together one big event once again in Paris with some 3300 people from all around the world.

It must be part of the evolution of LeWeb and technology conferences in general (us included with Arctic15), but most of the content in the first day of Le Web this year seemed to be full of product launches.

I’m a person who likes new services and gadgets, but even I grew a bit exhausted after a couple of hours. This also raises an interesting question that is this the only part of technology oriented conferences that matter these days?

I’d argue not. There are a ton of ways you can discuss bigger picture issues, trends and get people’s insights on these.

This also brings in huge challenges to entrepreneurs: with so much noise around everywhere, how can you stand out? I believe one of the best ways to do so is to execute on the product and try build as much traction as you can. Press without traction (proof of concept) is becoming useless.

One of the best keynotes of the day was with Eric Schmidt and Loic Le Meur, but even that keynote was started off with Ice Cream Sandwich demos (which looked interesting, by the way). Nevertheless, the discussion took various views in Google’s strategy and how they see it evolve. Schmidt also went about talking how Google puts forth their strategy – they basically work in close relation with scientists and look to commercialise the hottest areas of research in their company.

Nevertheless, the first day has been somewhat interesting and it’s definitely a welcome move from the previous LeWebs that the programme is not crammed into so many 15-20 minute talks, but has some longer sessions as well. Let’s see how three days of conferencing does work in practice though.

We will be doing interviews with Accel Partners, Zendesk and hopefully also Leo Laporte.

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