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We’ve always been pretty transparent about our experiments in the media space here at ArcticStartup. This is because we fundamentally don’t believe in one absolute truth nor just a few correct ways to go about creating content and value to our readers. This summer we’re going to be experimenting with something new as well. Until the end of July, we’re going to be dropping our publishing frequency to just one article a day.

To anyone working in a media company they understand that this is voluntary surrender regarding the race for more pageviews. Then again, we’ve never been after pageviews, but more people who really engage with our content and our site (and partly, that’s calculated by the amount of repeat readers we have and how that increases over time). While many news organisations publish tens of articles a day to keep those pageviews up, we’re willing to test this summer how we’re going to do with just one quality article a day.

You may have noticed this already today and yesterday. The articles are longer than our traditional articles and don’t really report on time sensitive, embargoed material. Instead, we try to bring you the news behind the news and what really matters. This actually ties in quite nicely with our plans for the autumn, but more on those later on.

Regardless of our lower publishing frequency, do get in touch with us regarding interesting items that you think we should cover. As always, the editor (at) arcticstartup.com e-mail address reaches our editorial team and we’re able to react in the best possible way.

We really think less frequent quality news is more in value and this is the hypothesis we’re willing to test this summer. We aren’t 100% sure we will announce the results in a transparent way as it will become a part of our strategic edge, but never say never.

Hope you’re willing to give our content a try this summer, even though they are a little bit longer than usual. As always, we’re open to feedback – please leave your thoughts in the comments below so we can have the discussion with our community at large.

Image by Mikko Kuhna.

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