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Leiki has announced it has entered into a partnership with Helsingin Sanomat (the largest daily newspaper in Finland) to personalise articles on the front page of its digital version. The digital version is the premium, paid version of the newspaper, that can be found online.

The Leiki Focus -personalisation engine will automatically analyse the topics of each article and then follow end-user clicks to build up a real time individual interest profile. After this, relevant news are then recommended at the top of the front page of the paid side of Helsingin Sanomat. In addition to the behavioural recommendations seen on the front page, contextual recommendations are shown on individual article pages.

The digital edition of Helsingin Sanomat has been steadily gaining popularity, and the majority of the new subscribers include it in their subscription. Petteri Putkiranta, Vice President of Development at Helsingin Sanomat, states that “We are very pleased to be the first newspaper in Finland to introduce this service to our readers. Helsingin Sanomat’s digital edition is already a versatile product, but Leiki Focus personalisation engine enables us to serve our customers even better, when personally relevant news are then recommended right on the top of the front page.”

Leiki’s CEO Dr. Petrus Pennanen is also excited about the partnership, “this is the first time a digital newspaper is offering personalised recommendations using real-time individual interest analysis, and a big step for the media industry in the right direction. We’re working with enthusiasm to make media serve each user with personal intelligence, reducing the need to search with automatic recommendations that are effortless for the user”.

Back in January we covered Leiki in more detail and how their technology helps media companies increase their traffic in a more relevant way from the users’ point of view.

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