LEGO Minecraft Blocks Soon To Become A Reality

    Minecraft has long been compared as a digital version of the LEGO building blocks, but now that comparison is one step closer to becoming a reality. The idea of creating the blocks came up through LEGO CUUSOO, a sort of official crowdsourcing idea generator for new LEGO sets. Through LEGO CUUSOO, LEGO fans can submit new ideas, and if the project gains the support of 10,000 people, it will become a reality if passed by the LEGO jury.

    This week the project passed the LEGO jury review, and is now sent to the design and development process. The blog post says that this process can take time, but more details are soon to come.

    The following images are just fan concepts, but I’m sure LEGO has plans to make your own physical voxel worlds filled with creepers, diamonds, and crafting tables.