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ArcticStartup is going to collaborate with Attorneys at Law Borenius & Kemppinen Ltd – or B&K, as it commonly abbreviated – to produce “Road To Exit: Startup’s First Year”, a practical blog series addressing the most common legal questions and problems that a startup company faces during their first year of operation. True to its name, the series spans over a year, with approximately one blog post coming out each month.

The road to exit is long and hard. The mission of the upcoming blog series is to make that journey easier for you by ironing out the legal bumps on that road.

Tell us what kind of legal problems you have faced during those first hectic days of young company. Still wondering about that one provision in your Shareholders’ Agreement? Pondering on whether you should give out shares or options to your newly hired key employees? Worried about safeguarding your intellectual property?

Whatever question you might have, we would like to hear them. Just post your questions into the comments section of this blog post.

Ask and thou shall be answered.

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