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Found by two schoolmates of civil engineering, Tallinn-based startup Leansite is preparing to launch its first management software that gives construction workers access to project data anywhere, anytime.

As a project manager working on construction sites, Annika Salak constantly faced up to daily problems and struggles finding the right information at the right time. Along with her friend – Ergo Pikas who is an expert in construction management, they teamed together to work on a solution that makes it easier for construction firms to monitor the whole construction process.

Leansite application is created with the mission to provide an integrated cloud-based solution for supporting construction management process. Based on the idea, all data that is relevant to the project is now being stored at the same place and can be accessed easily. With the information being transferred seamlessly, the whole team is always on the same page to work towards their shared goal.

“Other software out there focuses only on the project management aspects rather the operational site management,” says Salak, the co-founder of the company: “Leansite can help the team to look into daily operations while not losing the bigger picture”.

She does believe that the biggest challenge is relying on the construction workers’ view on using technology in workplace.

“Our biggest competitors are the stagnating convictions of the people working in construction industry and we are going to change it by providing the ultimately simple web solution,” explains Salak.

While being busy with preparing for Leansite’s debut, this winter the team is also going to participating in Tallinn-based startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys, focusing on B2B and SaaS startups.

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