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Estonian startup Leansite (our earlier story) has launched its application for constructing site management and team collaboration. Yes, there is an app for even that now.

Leansite is a SaaS platform for construction site project teams to manage weekly work, providing them an access to information anytime and anywhere. “Site engineers and project managers have to collect information and process it in order to make right management decisions,” said Annika Salak, Leansite CEO.

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Almost half of construction projects finish behind the schedule and up to 35% of the project budget is wasted due to the lack of communication and misunderstanding between project workers – the startup is on the mission to change that, and more. “We envision that in four-to-five years, construction sites will be self-organized ecosystems and Leansite is the first step to achieving that,” said Leansite cofounder Ergo Pikas.

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