Leaddesk gets Jenny

Finnish contact centre software maker Leaddesk said it has acquired chatbot startup GetJenny in an all-shares deal valued at 2.1 million euros.

GetJenny raised in 2019 a 2 million euros seed funding, and it had also raised pre-seed funding. In 2020, GetJenny’s revenue was €1.4 million with an operating margin of 19.6%. The company employs 20 professionals.

GetJenny’s customers are large enterprises that operate in, among others, the healthcare, insurance, and energy industries as well the public sector.  LeadDesk said it can now offer customers an even more extensive AI-based product portfolio.

“You could think of Jenny as a new LeadDesk employee. She adds value to our customers by using AI to free up customer service resources. We feel that Jenny has now graduated from college and is ready to shine in the international business world., “LeadDesk CEO Olli Nokso-Koivisto said in a statement.

LeadDesk said it was interested in acquiring companies with leading expertise in artificial intelligence, omnichannel, workforce management and automation. The acquisition of GetJenny is first and foremost an investment in AI and automation.