LaunchPad Denmark To Attract Entrepreneurs To Danish Soil

    If you were thinking about moving to Denmark to set up a company, you now have an interesting program to apply to. LaunchPad Denmark is a new government sponsored accelerator program designed for entrepreneurs within or outside of the European Union to get set up in Denmark get professional coaching and training, access to capital, cash prizes, sponsorships, and access to Denmark’s entrepreneurial community.

    Starting March 18 participants can register for the competition and upload their business plans, video pitches and give information about their motivation to come to Denmark. In total, 30 entrepreneurs will be selected.

    Getting into the details, the program is divided into two parts – Young Talents and Global Entrepreneurs. As this is a bussines plan competition, very early stage startups (even if a company has not been founded yet) should apply to Young Talents, while they’ve positioned Global Entrepreneurs for startups that may have been around for a few years, but are looking to move their operations to Denmark.

    “I think the keyword we’re looking for here isn’t startup, but growth. We’re really looking for growth potential,” says Ane Iversen, Project Manager of Launchpad Denmark. “We don’t exclude any sectors, but your motivation for starting up a company in Denmark would normally be linked to sectors where we’re strong – like ICT, Cleantech, Life Science, and so on.”

    This is the first time the program has been run, so part of the purpose is to see how Denmark can attract entrepreneurs from within and outside fo the EU.

    LaunchPad Denmark provides a plug-and-play service where companies don’t have to worry about any of the normal hassles of setting up a company, like setting up a bank account and registering a company.

    Again, the round of applications opens March 18th. For more information, check out the LaunchPad Denmark website.