Latvian Science Accelerator Startups Seek Further 5 Mln In Investments

    On April 12 the biggest science startup creator and accelerator in the Baltics, Commercialization Reactor, hosts an Investors and Partners’ Day in Riga. Overall, 23 startups will be presenting, aiming to raise a total of 5 million euros and attract industrial partners.

    Commercialization Reactor is a network of partners across several countries. Experts, technology scouts, evaluators and IP protection visionaries pre-screen scientific dealflow and bring the best technology to the headquarter of the acceleration process in Riga. The accelerator has reviewed over 600 international IPs to date and helped over 30 promising scientists find entrepreneurial co-founders. The most recent exit of Naco Technologies to Schaeffler Group brought positive returns to all investors.

    Founder Nikolai Adamovich (on left) on a recent panel at the accelerator.

    Main markets for science-based startups are the EU and US. Riga was chosen as home base to serve as a springboard to European market. Additionally, Latvia is becoming one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the EU and most local entrepreneurs are fluent in both English and Russian, which makes them excellent co-founders for Russian-speaking scientists from CIS.

    We have been creating and nursing science-based startups for 6 years. Latvian authorities support the initiative and are glad to see us pairing entrepreneurial spirit with scientific talent.

    Commercialization Reactor startups have raised 4.5 million euros pre-seed and seed investment to date and are seeking 5 million euros more smart money and industry partners. Dealflow encompasses a variety of technology from industrial technologies to biotech, from nanotechnology to artificial intelligence. Pitch teasers for all companies are available here.

    The event is free to attend but registration is required. Attendees who cannot join in person are encouraged to view the livestream.