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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Latvian Mac Address Book, Cobook, Sees 20000 Downloads In First Week

Latvian-based Cobook is seeing a good deal of news hype and downloads in its first week of release. Yesterday on their blog they announced they’ve seen 20000 downloads of the application, which is essentially a better address book for OSX. The application sits in the menu bar, and opens a drop-down window when selected. A key feature seems to be the fast search and contact updating that happens through the same text box, where the app automatically updates new contact information to the correct location.

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On top of that the app plugs easily into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, so you can remember faces and get up-to-date quickly with your contacts.

As seen by its fast traction, the app seems to have struck a chord with those dissatisfied with Apple’s built-in address book, which now looks clunky in comparison. Cobook syncs with your existing OSX Address Book and other devices over iCloud, allowing new users to quickly get up to speed.

The app is currently in Beta, and is available for free on their website.

Here’s their demonstration video:

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