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Latitude59 pitch contest: Top 10 teams announced

Latitude59 Pitch Contest has been taking place for seven years, showcasing companies like Sportlizer, Crystalsol, Fitsme, Froont and 3DprinterOS. Each year partners from IBM, Conor, Index and Nexit Ventures, Blackbox and Creandum sit in the jury to determine the winners. This year Latitude59 has partnered up with EstBAN and Blackbox and turned the contest global. 1st place winner will receive €28,000 in cash investment and in-kind services sponsored by Blackbox, EstBAN, Hedman Partners, ReedSmith and Microsoft. So if you know any of the 10 finalists (listed here in no particular order) – make sure to congratulate them:

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#1 CGTrader (Lithuania)

CGTrader is a marketplace that connects designers and buyers of 3D model designs. It also lets designers showcase their work, earn reputation and additional income.

#2 Big Data Scoring (Finland)

Big Data Scoring develops credit scoring solutions based on Facebook data. The company helps lenders make more informed crediting decisions. The question their ask potential clients: We google job applicants and go through their social media profiles before hiring so why don’t we do the same for potential borrowers?

#3 Novertur (Switzerland)

Novertur offers an online matchmaking system for SME’s to identify partners abroad.  It promises to save time and enhance the relevance of potential trade partners, business connections and strategic partnerships.

#4 Divido (Sweden)

Divido is a consumer credit marketplace connecting online retailers to consumers. The transaction range is from ppaying uppon delivery to spreading the payments over up to 3 years.

#5 Mainpeople Inc (Russia)

Mainpeople is a mobile platform that helps collect money for charities. It has already raised over $70,000 from its 993 users located in 112 cities. Currently available on iOS.

#6 ResultsOnAir (Estonia)

Results on Air is a platform that promises to maximize ROI for TV advertisers. The solution helps advertisers and media planners monitor and  enhance the return on Direct Response TV ads.

#7 WoraPay (Lithuania)

WoraPay is an open mobile payments method focusing on remote payment scenarios. The service lets mobile payment providers access new merchants, markets and payment methods all around the world.

#8 Deekit (Estonia)

Deekit is a virtual collaborative whiteboard for remote teams. Deekit supports various content types and promises to make brainstorms, knowledge sharing and solving complex problems faster, easier and more fun, particularly for remote teams.

#9 Hedgechatter (US)

Hedgechatter is a service that evaluates how social media sentiment affects stock prices, monitors stock prices and even predicts stock movements and direction.

#10 Metrics Development OU (Estonia)

Metrics Development OU must have clearly measured internet user engagement, so its product has a cute logo and a ‘cat’ in its name. Metricscat is a service that helps app developers analyze their app reviews and improve user acquisition process.

This year Latitude59 takes place on May 14-15. For all the friends of Arcticstartup, Latitude59 gives a 50% ticket discount. Use the code FriendofLatitude592015discount and get your ticket for only €29 here.

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Marija Odineca
Marija Odineca
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