Last Day to Apply And Win Over €65 000!

    We are getting closer to Arctic15, where the top VC’s, Investors, Startups & Media will unite in a perfect storm of networking. With over €50 billion worth of investors, speakers that want to tackle trillion dollar industries & startups that aspire to be the next Supercell – we are excited, to say the least.

    Today, we are eager about something else too – the OP Pitching Competition at Arctic15. Tonight at 00:00 is the last chance to apply. Last year we gave out a €5 000 cash prize, and many other prizes in services. This year, we are adding a zero. The winner will receive an investment of €50 000 EUR through the FIBAN syndicate and over €15 000 worth of additional gifts.

    So if you want to be among the 15 finalists fighting for the top prize, today is your last chance. To apply, simply fill out this very simple form and wait for an e-mail confirming that you got into our TOP 30. If you would like to add to the prize pool, then simply e-mail info (a)

    Simply put, this is the easiest way to start your investment round. If you are still thinking of applying, here is a short Q&A that might help you make the choice:

    Q: What stage should my startup be at?
    A: We are not limiting the selection process to a particular stage, and the investment could be added to an exisiting round, pending negotiations. Naturally, early stage companies would benefit the most from the investment. If you are a very early stage company or a post-seed startup – you are welcome to apply.

    Q: How will the investment be made?
    A: In as simple a manner as possible. The winner will be offered a possibility to negotiate on growth funding with a syndicate led by (but not limited to) an angel consortium led by FiBAN. The negotiation will take place during 30 days after the competition, but is not limited to it.

    Q: What will be the terms of the investment?
    A: The finalists will be presented with a very basic term sheet for the investment, but this does NOT mean that the winning startup has to take the investment but is an indicator for the jury and the investors on what kind of valuation the startup has.

    Q: What about valuation of my company?
    A: The 30 startups chosen as semi-finalists will be asked to submit their valuation as they enter the final selection process. A well thought out valuation is a part of a good pitch but will not be the main factor in choosing the winner or the finalists.

    Q: Do I get free access to Arctic15?
    A: Yes, if you are a finalist – you will receive one free ticket for your team. Additional tickets will be heavily discounted and so will be the demo stand. Those in the TOP 30 will also receive an option to get tickets at a discounted rates, giving you even more reasons to apply.

    Q: What about the other prizes?
    A: Whether you take the investment or not, all other prizes will be given to the winner. There might be a couple of honorary prizes for the other finalists as well. In the end it is not all about the money, as you will also receive press attention, free access to Arctic15, countless contacts and exposure to a room full of investors.

    Q; How long is the pitch?
    A: The pitches will be 3 minutes with a 2 minutes on questions. You will be allowed to use slides. Three sets of five companies each will be pitching on Day 1 and the finals will be on Day 2.

    Q: Are there benefits if I do not win?
    A: Absolutely. There will be prizes for runner-ups, and you will also get exposure through ArcticStartup articles, as well as free tickets to the event, where you can meet a lot of investors, partners and media.

    If you have any more questions, drop us an e-mail at info (a) Otherwise, apply here.