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ValoyaBack in November we visited the Lahti Cleantech Venture Day where we had a chance to see a lot of different companies and people. One of the most interesting was Valoya. Valoya is a company working in an industry that most people wouldn’t consider especially sexy. They are developing professional lights for greenhouses with LED technologies. While this may sound boring to the average man on the street, take a minute to think about how your vegetables are grown these days. The business is huge and about one third of the costs of producing vegetables go into electricity.

Of course the need for such lights varies quite a bit depending on the latitude of the country in question, but they are nevertheless needed for most European countries and for relatively long periods of time. Valoya’s technology is able to cut the electricity costs by about 70% and when you take this into consideration with the overall costs of the business, the producers are able to save some 25%.

We talked to Lars Aikala, one of the people behind the company, to discuss the possibilities and the concept in more detail.

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