Kuneri Releases Online Tool for Packaging Flash Lite Apps

    Kuneri LogoKuneri, Finnish Flash Lite specialist founded in 2006 and based in city of Oulu, announced yesterday the launching of public beta release of their newest product SWFPack. SWFPack is a unique online mobile development tool for Flash Lite developers.

    Flash Lite is the emerging mobile technology of Adobe, already having quite good device coverage, with estimated reach of one billion devices in 2009. Content distribution for the platform has been challenging since now, as the Flash Lite content needs to be packaged as installers for distribution. Packaging has been hard to do on Windows, and simply impossible on other operating systems. SWFPack thus solves a significant problem.

    SWFPack logoSWFPack is available without cost for all Flash Lite developers. The first release allows Flash Lite content to be deployed on Symbian devices in SIS format. Kuneri promises support for Series 40 devices in NFL and Windows Mobile devices in CAB formats in the next releases. Kuneri aims to make SWFPack a standard tool, and will keep on adding features to it.

    The CEO Ugur Kaner comments in the press release Kuneri has a vision to simplify development of mobile applications, enabling developers to focus on the content quality and better user experience. Ugur continues that “SWFPack is the first milestone on our roadmap and will be followed by a series of other innovations”. Ugur revealed to ArcticStartup a while ago some of the future plans the company has for monetizing its services, and we can say they have indeed interesting ideas coming up.