Kulisha Mashes Up Facebook And Twitter On A Pinterest-Style Board

    The Pinterest clones are many, but one Swedish startup has a different take on the concept by mashing up your social feeds. Kulisha (meaning “reader” in Swahili) is a social network aggregator that collects your social feeds and throws them up on a Pinterest-style board. Currently the site is in open beta, but it’s still very functional on the web or as a mobile website.

    Aside from mashing up content, you can also pin stories to a board. You can’t share these pins with friends, but they can be used to save your friends’ Facebook and Twitter posts to read for later. Kulisha also points out  that this feature is pretty useful when you want to save content that’s poorly formatted for mobile devices when you’re on you’re browsing from your phone.

    Kulisha also offers text search for finding past content, and allows you to filter the shown stories to just one social network as well as filter images or videos. Users can also reply to each post through the service.

    The team says that they are planning and trying out different social network services, likely bringing even more networks onboard.