Kovanen goes mobile

With Uber getting more negative hits in the media, looks like now is a good time for taxi companies to stand out with their mobile services.

Last week Finnish taxi service Kovanen released its own mobile app. Now Finns can order taxi 24/7 not only by calling or texting the service but also through Kovanen app. Besides regular rides, the app allows to order car to the airport or for a group of up to 16 people, and promises to release more perks in the near future.

Kovanen App allows you to choose your preferred payment card data for mobile payment. Receipt from each ride will be stored in the app history and emailed directly to your mail box. You can store a number of different cards, and label them with your own tag. If you prefer not to register your card, you can still order taxi with the app and pay your ride in a traditional way. Kovanen also offers a billing feature for corporate customers.

Besides fast payment solutions, the app allows you to track your car and choose a preferred vehicle type in accordance with your order request. When order the taxi, you will see your driver’s name, registration number, as well as ETA and real time location monitoring.

It is important to admit tasteful and elegant UX design of the app, which gives feel of high class comfort and reliability. The application is developed in collaboration with Finnish Siili Solutions.

We wanted to make a functional and easy to use application, which takes into account Kovanen style, quality and level of service. We are continuously thinking of new ways to produce better and more enjoyable customer service” – commented Kovanen’s Partner and Sales Director Eeva Kovanen.

Kovanen iOS application seems to be the first step in larger development plan. The next step would be development of additional features as well as an app for Android users.

Download the app on App Store.