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Know yourself through VR

VR is becoming part of our lives transforming nearly every industry imaginable. Now, it can also help researchers to analyse human behavior via eye-tracking technology.

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The global leader in eye tracking research solutions, Swedish company Tobii, announced today a new solution for conducting eye tracking research within immersive virtual environments (VR). The new tool is called Tobii Pro VR Integration and is based on the HTC Vive headset integrated with Tobii eye tracking technology. VR integration comes with the Tobii Pro software development kit (SDK) for research applications. Researchers can collect and record eye tracking data from a VR environment with pinpoint accuracy and gain deeper insights on human behavior.

“Combining eye tracking with VR is growing as a research methodology and our customers have started to demand this technology to be part of their toolkit for behavioral studies. The Tobii Pro VR Integration is our first step in making eye tracking in immersive VR a reliable and effective research tool for a range of fields. It marks our first major expansion of VR-based research tools,” said Tom Englund, president, Tobii Pro.

Eye tracking research in immersive VR is transforming how studies can be conducted and opens up entirely new possibilities in psychology, consumer behavior, and human performance.

For example, one can get deeper insights to the shopper journey and a store environment can be readily duplicated in the virtual world without having to go through the time and money of setting up an actual store.

Eye tracking through VR will also allow to test skills in a variety of fields from surgery procedures on virtual operating rooms to driving cars.

To learn more about the technology and how it can be used in your field, follow this link.

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