Kippt's Inc Hits Break-Even Profitability as they come out of Beta

    The Kippt team announces to TechCrunch that they’ve now hit break-even profitability as they take INC, their team communication tool, out of beta. The product has gotten fleshed out since we first covered them at launch, allowing you to add groups of users, as well as “like” the updates and links your colleagues post.

    Inc now plugs into a number of different web services, like Evernote, Trello, and Google Drive, through their Chrome plugin, allowing you to post links from these services. Like Kippt, the product has that beautiful design that has become a trademark for Karri Saarinen and Jori Lallo, the two founders who took Kippt through Silicon Valley’s famed YCombinator program.

    Inc’s pricing is free for teams up to three. From there, their coffee-themed premium packages run ten users for $19/mo, 25 users for $49, and so on, also giving users more storage, groups, and security.

    We used Inc for some time until our process changed to where it was easier to talk face to face. But for sending links, our primary method of communication at ArcticStartup, Inc is a beautiful and easy tool to work with. Personally, my favorite feature of Inc was the desktop application, which is just a wrapper around the web version, but made it easy to tab over to in order to copy/paste. Additionally the app provided desktop notifications, letting you know when new information is coming in.

    As Saarinen mentions in their TechCrunch post, they consider their main competition is email, not all the other team communication tools out there. It’s annoying how easy it is to drop back to email, despite its flaws, but despite that, Inc is well worth checking out for teams and startups looking to get their communication organized.